About Us

At Evolution we are all about YOU. No matter what your age, gender, physical limitations, or injuries, we have a program for YOU.

Personal Training - Physical Therapy - Strength Academy

One of our certified personal trainers will work with you one-on-one with a personalized strength training program developed just for you.

Recovering from an injury? No problem, one of our licensed physical therapists will work with you and get you back doing the activities you enjoy.

Competing in youth sports? Evolution’s youth strength academy will help you build your strength, flexibility and balance, so you can compete at your highest level.

Evolution Exercise and Spine Center is a private and locally owned business, providing you with three convenient locations in the Milwaukee and Madison areas. Each location is equipped with state of the art MedX™ exercise and medical equipment, including the computerized MedX™ Lumbar and Cervical Extension machines.

Our History

Founded in 1997 as “Fitness Evolution, Inc” offering personal training services in Pewaukee. Name changed in 2000 to “Evolution Exercise and Spine Center, Inc” when outpatient physical therapy for the spine services were added. In 2001 a second location in Wauwatosa was added. In 2003 a third location in Madison was opened. In 2015 the Youth Strength Academy was launched at our Pewaukee location.

Our Mission & Values

Evolution Exercise and Spine Center is an innovative provider of research-based, medically-oriented physical therapy, exercise and wellness services in the Milwaukee, Waukesha and Madison areas. We are committed to enhancing the health of our patients and clients by providing results driven, high quality physical conditioning and rehabilitation; within a first-class environment.

Scientifically Based

  • We are southeastern Wisconsin’s only professionally supervised exercise and spine and rehabilitation center utilizing safe and effective slow speed/high intensity strengthening protocols on MedX equipment.
  • The Evolution system of exercise was developed by an orthopedic rehabilitative specialist and addresses every aspect of physical fitness including strength, endurance and flexibility within each session.
  • The Spinal Emphasis Program is based on the culmination of more than 20 years of medical research led by the nationally recognized Department of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation at the University of Florida College of Medicine.
  • Evolution exists to be a leader in the health, exercise, and rehabilitation industry. At Evolution all traditional views of ‘health and fitness’ and passive rehabilitation are not accepted at face value. We strive to reach a new level, something based upon practical sciences, not sporting events, fads, entertainment or tradition. We will, to the best of our ability, debunk every exercise and rehabilitation myth.
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