One-On-One Commitment

NO crowds, NO distractions, a Private Environment focused on YOU.
30 minutes of one-on-one personal training developed to meet your goals and get you results.
60 minutes of one-on-one physical therapist guided rehabilitation in a private therapy room.
30 minutes of one-on-one or one-on–two youth training in a non-gym setting.

The Strength Evolution Advantage

At Strength Evolution we specialize in a low-force, slow motion strength training method. It is so potent that you will improve your strength, flexibility and endurance without traditional aerobics or stretching. There are no sudden, explosive movements that can potentially cause injury. Every exercise is performed in a controlled and focused fashion. Research indicates that this method produces equal to and greater benefits than traditional lifting methods. Safe, Effective, Efficient SEE Results

30 minute one-on-one workouts; 1-2 x per week for maximal results.

Specialized exercise protocols engaging both muscular and cardiovascular systems.
State of the art computerized MedX exercise and medical strength machines.
Nationally Certified and degreed personal training specialists.
Physician endorsed and recommended.
Private & locally owned, non-franchised and in business for over 20 years!
Personal training customers
Physical therapy patients
Youth academy athletes
Personal training customer for 3+ years
Personal training customer for 5 or 10+years
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